• Civil Service Clerical Hiring Exam & Practice Exams

    Thank you for allowing Job Support Services to assist you on your path to getting hired at a well-paying civil service position.  All available positions require both the Verbal and Clerical Abilities Sections. To get started, watch the Civil Service Hiring Guide Videos  below, then move on to the Information Sections Practice Exams which can be taken an UNLIMITED amount of times. Here are some pointers to help you succeed:

    • Strive to score 80% or higher on each section. The higher you score, the better your chances of being contacted for an interview.  
    • Work as quickly as possible on each section. 
    • Don't jump around from section to section. Take it one section at a time until you master it. 
    • Take the Practice Exams as many times as you like until you are comfortable with your weakest areas.
    • Each section is graded separately so you can focus on the areas you need to improve on.


    Clerk Stenographer



    Office Machine Operator

    Education Experience Required: 

    High School Graduate; 3-6 Months of appropriate experience. 

     If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support at (866) 408-2670. We are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST.

    • Additional Test at Your Local Facility

      Additional Test at Your Local Facility

      Typing / Word Processing Test 
      In this exam, you have to type and copy material exactly as you see. You will complete the test on a typewriter and have 15 minutes total in order to complete the exam. You will start with 3 minutes of typing, read the test for 2 minutes, and go from there. You will be graded on both speed and accuracy on the exam. 

      Dictation Test 
      This test is part of the Stenographer qualification which includes a practice dictation exercise. This test is nontechnical and measures your dictation ability. Dictation is the transcription of someone speaking. 

      The Simplified Typing Test 
      Developed by the Office of Personnel Management. Administered using the typewriter style keyboard. Does not include any punctuation and takes 10 minutes to go through. 25 minutes of testing time needed total for the Simplified Typing Test.