Practice Exams for the Unites States Postal Services Battery Exam 473

When you go to a postal office, the first person you talk to is likely the Window Clerk. The Window Clerk oversees customer service at the front desk of the building. They are in charge of selling stamps, postal envelopes, and receiving payments. Calculating the costs of envelopes and stamps is another component of the position. In some cases, there are Rural Window Clerk jobs where the Window Clerk is also responsible for sorting the parcels. Window Clerks are expected to maintain a clean and professional appearance with a uniform. Their job also involves providing direct sales and customer support on a retail level and generally other hands-on work with the general public. You must take the VIRTUAL ENTRY ASSESSMENT MC (477) in order to be considered for this position.

You will be measuring packages by weight, payment, and other specific classifications and subsequently processing the packages for shipping. Abiding by the USPS standards, you will also wrap the packages and sell stamps. The typical work setting for a Mail Clerk would be at larger post office branches and distribution centers. Possessing customer service skills is also a must for this position as you will serve customers as a fill-in and being able to precisely document and calculate postage for the items. You must take the PROCESSING CLERK VIRTUAL ENTRY ASSESSMENT MC (476) in order to be considered for this position.

Much of your work as a Mail Handler will be behind the scenes and typically work in the “back house” of the US Postal Office. Mail Handlers loads and unloads containers of mail and also transports mail equipment throughout the building itself. There is also heavy lifting involved and Mail Handlers usually need to work with packages weighing over 70 pounds. Mail Handlers and Clerks are both classified as Mail Processing Clerk entry-level jobs, though there are distinct differences between the two. You must take the VIRTUAL ENTRY ASSESSMENT MC (475) in order to be considered for this position.

If you love challenges and heavy lifting, then a city mail carrier job may be right for you. Working as a City Mail Carrier requires determination, fitness, and persistence to succeed. You will be driving in all kinds of weather and conditions and carrying mailbags with up to 35 pounds of baggage and having to load trays with up to 70 pounds of mail and parcels. If you become great at this job, the rewards and job security will make the challenges worth it. We believe our Job Simulator and practice exams will prepare you for the rigors of an exciting position like this. You must take the MAIL CARRIER VIRTUAL ENTRY ASSESSMENT MC (474) in order to be considered for this position.

USPS Postal Exam Simulator is designed to get you prepared for a career with the United States Postal Service. All applicants applying for an entry level position with the USPS must take and pass the Postal Battery Exam 473.  Job Support Services assists applicants in navigating through the postal hiring process and increase their chances of getting hired.