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  • Courier Certification

    Courier Certification Knowledge

    This position is primarily responsible for deliveries on the routes assigned by the dispatcher. The courier communicates respectfully to the customers and dispatchers.

    Salary range- $19,000 to $35,000

    What You Will Learn

    • Connecting w/ Dispatcher
    • Understanding/Connecting to the Customer
    • Knowing Your Product
    • Basic Cannabis Science Overview
    • Compliance



  • Connecting with Dispatcher

    As a courier/deliverer, your main job is to take orders from a dispatcher who takes the orders from the customer. They will let you know what the order placed was and give you directions on where to go. It is important to be respectful and attentive as the end goal is to make sure you meet the customers’ needs each and every time.

    When the dispatcher reaches out, make sure you are available, and always repeat what they told you to ensure accurate communication.

    Having a good relationship with the dispatcher will result in quicker, efficient communication and happy customers which will make your job much easier.

    Connecting with Dispatcher

  • Understanding and Connecting with the Customer

    As a courier/deliverer, you are the face of the company to the customer. You are the one delivering the product and ensuring the customers’ needs are met including delivering the right product, answering any questions they have, delivering product in a timely manner and ensuring the customer is confident in what he/she purchased.

    When you arrive, always give the customer a smile and ask how they are doing. Review their order with them to confirm everything, ask them if they have any questions or if there is anything else they need.

    If they are a first-time customer, thank them for trusting you and your company to serve them, and invite them to order again and let you know how your service was. Make them feel special, so they want to come back and purchase more.

    • Dealing with Different Types of Customers
    • Amazing Customer Experience


    Understanding the Customer

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  • Knowing Your Product

    Since you are delivering product to the customer, it is important to know your products, the different routes of administration and product types, so that you can answer any questions the customer might have about the products you carry.

    There are many different types of cannabis products available and each of them can have different effects. Therefore, it is important to understand the different routes of administration, bioavailability, and how each product can affect the customer.

    To understand why different routes of administration cause different effects, one must understand the concept of bioavailability. Bioavailability is the amount of the compound available in the blood to achieve effect. Each route of administration will interact with the body differently and hence will cause a varied amount of bioavailability of the active ingredients (cannabinoid, terpenoids, etc).

    • Topicals
    • Transdermals 
    • Oral Ingestion
    • Sublingual
    • Inhaled


    It's time to Know Your Product...

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  • Basic Cannabis Science Overview

    The Endocannabinoid System (EC system) works by regulating the flow of signals that are being sent between cells. This result seems to maintain the balance of biological systems, also called homeostasis. The EC system is the most widespread receptor system in the human body. It is connected to almost every major organ system in our bodies. It regulates many of the most important functions in the human body, including:

    Pain, protection of neurons, glucose regulation, gastrointestinal activity, cardiovascular activity, immune function, inflammatory responses, inhibition of tumors cells and much more.

    Endocannabinoids attach to cannabinoid receptors. There are two distinct cannabinoid receptors. The first cannabinoid receptor found was connected to the (cb1)brain, while the second cannabinoid receptor was located primarily in the (cb2)immune system

    “The Endocannabinoid system is essential to life.” It affects how we “relax, eat, sleep, forget and protect.” -Dr. Marzo

    • Cannabis and the Endocanniaboid System


    Basic Cannabis Science Overview

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  • Compliance

    Working in a dispensary comes with a lot of responsibility. Every state has specific regulations to how much product you can sell to one person, how to handle cannabis, what you can and can’t say and specific laws in selling cannabis. It is important to understand your state’s regulations to ensure you do not break any laws.

    Every state has specific rules to what you can and can’t say. As a Budtender you cannot diagnose a patient or customer, tell them that cannabis will cure or heal their ailment, and you cannot tell them what dose they should take. It is important they consult a doctor for that information.

    Your job is to guide them and help them understand the different products available based on their needs, but never to tell them or diagnose them.

    Regulations & Compliance